Independent holidays and self guided trekking

For those with good Spanish, the luxury of time, and experience of the realities of independent travel in Latin America this can be a great way to make your budget go a lot further. And for experienced hikers self-guided trekking offers complete freedom in the mountains combined with complete peace of mind when it comes to transport, logistics and reservations; it also frees up some budget for other things.

Self guided trekking

For experienced trekkers self-guided can represent an economical way to trek the more popular National Parks of Patagonia. Self guided trips allow you to enjoy independence on the trails, but with the comfort of knowing that all accommodation has been reserved (especially the mountain refugios), transport to/from the National Parks organised and that there's someone on the ground that can support you should it suddenly become necessary. We partner with a handful of local operators in each region to provide this service.

There are 4 areas/routes that are well suited to self-guided trekking:

  • Torres del Paine W Circuit, from £560
  • Torres del Paine Full Circuit (with a couple of caveats we would talk through in detail in advance), from £720
  • El Chalten and Mount FitzRoy, from £350
  • Ushuaia, from £320

What does Self-Guided include?

Self guided trekking trips typically include

  • up to date map and recommended route
  • on the ground advice on best sights, landmarks and options based on actual weather conditions and latest news in the National Park
  • transport to the National Park from the airport or nearest town
  • accommodation en route to National Park if necessary
  • National Park entrance fees
  • secure stowage of luggage while you're hiking
  • all reservations at mountain refugios
  • breakfast, dinner and pack-lunch while your hiking
  • radio support
  • transport from National Park back to town/airport

Is Self-Guided for you?

Swoop will put clients forward for Self Guided trips if you...

  • are a group of 2 or more*
  • have good experience of multi day trekking and good navigation skills
  • are comfortable carrying a 35 Litre rucksack over difficult terrain and major ascents/descents

* If you are travelling to Patagonia alone then please get in touch, we may well be able to hook you up with other like-minded travellers.

How can Swoop Patagonia help Indepedendent Travellers

We're always happy to help and advise on everything in Patagonia from when to go, what to go, how to get from A to B, where to stay etc.

If you send us a summary of your plans and any questions you might have to we'd be happy to help with:

  • best airports to fly in and out of
  • advice on bus journeys, times
  • guidance on the best campsites and budget hotels
  • recommendations for self-guided trekking in all the National Parks
  • where it makes sense to hire a car, and where it doesn't

We've also helped people to hook up with other like-minded travellers. Sometimes it's to share the costs of car rental, others its a trekking partner to provide safety to go deeper into the mountains, sometimes to form a group of 4-8 to make a kayaking or horseriding expedition viable, and sometimes its just to meet up and enjoy a beer. Let us know when you're going and what your planning and we'll do our best.

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