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Torres del Paine in winter (June, July, August and September) is a rare opportunity to experience this beautiful national park when there are very few people around. The days are obviously shorter and the temperatures colder, but surprisingly the wind really drops down over the winter months and you are more likely to see clear skies and fantastic autumn colours.

Services in and around the park are reduced in winter, which means each season local guides and operators revise their winter programmes, taking into account the likelyhood of snow and ice on the ground and the cold (temperatures can drop to minus 2 during the day). These programmes allow you to hike with confidence knowing that you won't get caught out in bad weather.  Check out the confirmed departures below:

Departures for winter 2015 in Torres del Paine


PROVISIONAL departires on the following dates. Please enquire for more details.

3rd July: 5 day Winter Adventure

10th July: 3 day Winter Highlights

17th July: 5 day Winter Adventure

24th July: 3 day Winter Highlights


PROVISIONAL departures on the following dates. Please enquire for more details.

1st August: 5 day Winter Adventure

8th August: 3 day Winter Highlights

16th August: 5 day Winter Adventure

23rd August: 3 day Winter Highlights

31st August: 5 day Winter Adventure


PROVISIONAL departures on the following dates. Please enquire for more details.

15th Sept: 5 day Winter Adventure

22nd Sept: 3 day Winter Highlights

30th Sept: 5 day Winter Adventure

Winter trips in Torres del Paine

Winter Highlights of Torres del Paine

Escape the crowds and enjoy Torres del Paine in winter, staying in comfortable accommodation and seeing some of the top viewpoints; Pingo Valley, Glacier Grey and the pièce de résistance, the Torres lookout. This trip is run on request for…

More details

3 Days


Winter Highlights of Torres del Paine

Multi Activity Winter Adventure

Sea Kayak with dolphins around a lighthouse in the Magellan Straits, Horseride across the windswept Patagonian Plains overlooking the Last Hope Sound, explore Puerto Natales, and spend a day exploring Torres del Paine, all based from comfortable accommodation. Flexible departures…

More details

5 Days


Multi Activity Winter Adventure

Torres del Paine Winter Adventure

A fantastic way to see Torres del Paine's top 3 valleys during Patagonia's winter, when you'll almost have the park to yourself. You'll be staying in Refugio Paine Grande, which will hopefully have warm water & heating although this can't…

More details

5 Days


Torres del Paine Winter Adventure

Patagonia Winter Experience

A fantastic way to see Torres del Paine and Puerto Natales area by spending 4 days in a cozy hotel. You should book a few nights here if you are looking to experience the hidden landscapes and cultural context of Patagonia…

More details

5 Days


Patagonia Winter Experience

Camping the Winter W Trek

Experience Torres del Paine in the winter months with the well-known W trek. Hiking the mountains, lakes and forests, this adventure will provide you with amazing some views of the Paine massif and Glacier Grey as well as the famous…

More details

6 Days


Camping the Winter W Trek

Explore Paine in Winter by Horse, Kayak & Foot

If you're looking for a winter adventure with a bit of everything, this multi-activity trip could be for you! Visit the main sights of Torres del Paine at a time when the park isn't so full of tourists. With kayaking,…

More details

5 Days


Explore Paine in Winter by Horse, Kayak & Foot

Customer reviews: winter in Paine

Marcel took our 3 day Winter Highlights trek in Torres del Paine in May 2014: We had a very good time, beautiful park, nature absolutely great, transport there and back, all very well organized. We’d like to come back next year!. Read Marcel's review.

Thomas visited Torres del Paine in July 2013: I loved my time in the park! The itinerary was great, Swoop was great, thanks again for helping me have such an amazing experience in Patagonia. Read Thomas' review. 

(Photos at the top of this page are courtesy of Thomas!)

Helen and Hamish vistited in July 2013: The highlight of our South American trip was definitely Patagonia! We were both very happy with the personnel and running of the trek and if anything, wished it had been longer. Many thanks to Swoop for timely and supportive help with organising everything! Read Helen's review.

Mitch and his family visited in June 2013: Each day brought a different hike and ever changing views to be in awe of. Thanks again for all of your help, Our family had an absolutely outstanding trip! Read Mitch's review.

Suhel visited in June 2013: Swoop were quite simply fantastic! Everyone went the extra mile to support me in planning and making this trip happen. Torres del Paine looked absolutely beautiful in the snow. Read Suhel's review.

Alex visited Torres del Paine and Fitz Roy in May 2013: Provided you are OK to spend the night in somewhat crisp temperatures (frankly, it’s actually fine), the winter has a number of advantages. There was a great mix of outdoors, physical activity and superb views. Read Alex's review.

Hiking in Torres del Paine in winter, is it for me?

1) Bus transport

Services are reduced in the Winter as fewer people visit the park, but there are ways to make your trip work if you plan carefully around the timetables. We are more than happy to help you with this.

2) Refugios

Most refugios in the park are closed which generally leaves 2 options: camping or staying in the more expensive accommodation. However, our winter treks make use of the few refugios that are open. You will need to be prepared for fairly basic lodging and potentially unreliable heating and hot water. Again, we can help you choose the best options to suit your itinerary and preferences.

3) Budget

It's very difficult for operators to organise small group tours in winter with fewer visitors to the park and most people want to stay somewhere warm rather than camp. This means trips for 1 or 2 people are less economical for the operator to run. That said, nothing is impossible, and Swoop will work to find other people for solo travellers to join up with in order to guarantee your departure date and keep costs as low aas possible.

4) Luxury

Most luxury lodges are closed from late April until late Septemner due to reduced demand, but we do know of a few that stay open throughout the winter months, so please do get in touch if you'd like more information.

Alternatively, to see hiking trips available in Patagonian summer (Nov-Mar), vist our Trekking Torres del Paine page.

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