Torres del Paine, off the beaten track

Torres del Paine is one of the world's top trekking destinations so obviously the main routes and landmarks are popular. If you want to get to the peaks, views and landmarks that aren't on the tourist map then check these trips from local guides.

Some of our clients choose to hike the main valleys self-guided and then join a guide to take them onto the ridges and peaks that very few others have the privilege of experiencing. Remember that out here you'll need to be prepared to camp and handle some demanding terrain.

An illustrative 3 day itinerary: Paine Chico and the Silence Valley

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Adventures into Hidden Valleys

Challenging Expeditions

Groups of 2 or more

If you're in a group of 2 or more then we can tailor an off the beaten track trip to your experience, budget, dates and appetite for adventure.

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