Trekking in the Argentinian Lake District

From the ice-capped peak of the staggering Lanin Vocano to the challenging slopes of the Cathedral mountain, or the gentle trails around glistening lakes, the Argentinian Lake District offers hiking for all, regardless of your appetite for adventure.

Below, we offer day hikes from the gateway towns of Bariloche and San Martin, as well as challenging multi-day treks to get you deep into the stunning rugged scenery of the Cathedral range and Lanin Volcano.


Day Hikes from Bariloche

Mount Bella Vista

Be rewarded with spectacular views of the Argentinian Lake District from the summit of Mount Bella Vista on this off-the-beaten-track day hike. You'll begin climbing through transition forest, which gives way to bamboo-like trees and then to lengas. Whenever the cover of these trees breaks, you can enjoy far-reaching vistas. The latter part of the ascent is quite steep and on the way back down, you follow the same path.


Tronodor Valley

After a short drive from Bariloche along the shore of the Mascardi Lake, hike the valley under the shadow of the mighty Mount Tronador with its cracking glaciers and cascading waterfalls. This is an easy day hike to allow yourself to be absorbed in the verdant landscapes of this region of Argentina.

Multi-day Treks from Bariloche

Hike Hut to Hut in Bariloche

Stay in mountain lodges surrounded by granite spires, trek through lagoons, forests and valleys, all the time having a fantastic view of the mountains around…

4 Days


Hike Hut to Hut in Bariloche

Nahuel Huapi Traverse to Pampa Linda

A more challenging trek in the Argentine Lake District, you will discover high mountain Lagoons and have spectacular views of Mount Tronador and Chilean Volcanoes. 3 Nights will be spent camping in the Andean mountains on route to Pampa Linda…

5 Days


Nahuel Huapi Traverse to Pampa Linda

Day Hikes from San Martin de los Andes

Cerro Falkner

After an hour's scenic drive from San Martin, you begin your ascent of Cerro Falkner, trekking through dense forest. When you emerge from the trees you are greeted by stunning views which, on reaching the summit, open up to 360 degrees, taking in Cerro Tronador and Lanin Volcano.


Achen Ñiyeu Volcano

This day hike near San Martin takes you through unusual landscapes to the crater of the Achen Niyeu Volcano. You'll trek from the beach of Laguna Verde in the Lanin National Park, through forests and then onto black sand in a desert-like landscape. On reaching the volcano, a demanding 45 minute ascent takes you to the edge of the crater, from where panoramic views include Lanin Volcano and its expansive glacier.


Multi-day Treks from San Martin de los Andes

Climb Lanin Volcano

Experience ice hiking on the Lanin Volcano. It will be a challenging but rewarding adventure and you must be prepared for a long day of trekking. You will climb to the summit over two days spending one night camping sheltered…

3 Days


Climb Lanin Volcano

Trekking in Volcano Lanin's Shadow

Trek in the shadows of Volcano Lanin on this trek through Lanin National Park. Wild-camping during your trek, and plenty of wildlife and nature to be seen, explore the incredible scenery created by lakes and volcanoes during your…

5 Days


Trekking in Volcano Lanin's Shadow

Lanin & Villarrica Volcanoes

Combine the ascents of these 2 volcanoes into one trip. You will climb the Lanin volcano over 2 days, camping in a sheltered area. Spend one day in Pucon to recover and hike right to the mouth of the Villarrica,…

5 Days


Lanin & Villarrica Volcanoes

Multi-Activity Trips

If you want to get a taste of everything the Lake District has to offer, then a multi-activity trip could be right for you.

To see the lakes both on foot and from the water, you could include a day's trekking and kayaking in your itinerary. Starting from a base in Bariloche, spend the morning kayaking in the hidden bays of Lago Nahuel Huapi and Lago Moreno. After a relaxing lunch on the lake shore, swap your kayak for hiking boots and trek up to a panoramic viewpoint of Nahuel Huapi lake and the glaciers and peak of Mount Tronador.

For those wanting a longer itinerary with time to really immerse yourself in the Lake District's beautiful surroundings, you can hike, bike and kayak on either a 5 day or 8 day trip.

Hike, bike & kayak from Bariloche (5 days)

Hike, bike & kayak from Bariloche (8 days)


Trekking landmarks in the Argentinian Lake District

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