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We help couples, families, and groups of friends design customised itineraries for a 2-4 week holiday in Patagonia, Chile and Argentina.  We'll listen to what's important to you, share ideas and suggestions then put together a day-by-day plan and quote for your trip.

Find some inspiration in the example itineraries below and then let us know what sort of an experience you are looking for in Patagonia. 

Patagonia Hiking Holidays

We've been hiking the trails of Patagonia for some 15 years now, so we've designed these itineraries for serious hikers who want to enjoy the most dramatic views and landscapes at the heart of the Andes. One itinerary for day hikes, one the classic routes of southern Patagonia, and one in the lesser known national parks of the north for second-time visitors to the region.

Day Hike Patagonia

14 nights, from USD $4,760 to $7,200

Hike the glaciers, mountains and coastlines of Patagonia, experiencing the famous national parks of Torres del paine, Mount FitzRoy and Tierra del Fuego and get off the beaten track on the island of Chiloe.  This trip is ideal for those who love to hike dramatic trails, but with only a daypack and good quality accommodation each night.

Trekking Northern Patagonia

20 nights, from USD $4,400 to $5,450

Northern Patagonia is home to snow-capped volcanoes and the vast, empty mountain ranges of the southern Andes.  Take on three demanding treks through landscapes where you're unlikely to see any other tourists.  This trip is aimed at experienced trekkers looking for a wild and remote Patagonian experience and ideal for someone's second visit to Patagonia.

Trekking South Patagonian Andes

21 nights, from USD $4,500 to $5,600

Experience the very best of Southern Patagonia - Torres del Paine, FitzRoy and Tierra del Fuego.  Hike to famous viewpoints, get off the beaten track, and camp in remote corners of the national parks.  Ideal for experienced trekkers looking to hike deep into the Patagonian Andes.

Off the Beaten Track in Patagonia

There are plenty of famous 'must-see' destinations in Patagonia, but we believe that the other 'must' is to see the hidden Patagonia: the curious, the unexpected, the little known. These itineraries take you deeper into Chile and Argentina to enjoy a really authentic and unique Patagonian experience.

Authentic Patagonia in Comfort

13 nights, from USD $4,500 to $5,100

Get off the beaten track, but don't scrimp on luxury.  Cross the Andes on a little used route to take you from the magnificent Villarica Volcano, through forests of monkey puzzle trees to an estancia in the Argentinean Steppe.  Starting in the Chilean wine region and ending in the bustling Buenos Aires, this trip combines comfort with adventurous activities and diverse landscapes.   

Chile: Deep into Patagonia

21 nights, from USD $8,000 to $9,800

Combine the highlights of Chilean Patagonia with areas unvisited by many.  See volcanoes, glaciers, lakes and the mighty towers of Torres del Paine, laze in hot springs, hike forgotten trails, ride with gauchos, cruise amongst icebergs and fly over Cape Horn.  Ideal for first time visitors and those wanting to experience more.

Argentina: Landscapes, Culture & Cuisine

17 nights, from USD $4,500 to $6,000

Experience the very best of Argentina.  Drive through the multi-coloured mountains of the north, enjoy sun-drenched vineyards, hike, kayak and ride from an estancia in the lake district, and experience the dramatic wilds of Tierra del Fuego.  Ideal for those wanting to experience the highlights of Argentina yet with time to delve a little deeper.

Luxury and Exclusive

Mother Nature rules in Patagonia. You'll experience four seasons in one day...maybe in one hour - this is part of its allure. However we also appreciate that at the end of day in the mountains, or after a challenging trip it's good to enjoy some comfort, good food and fine wine. We've designed these itineraries for special trips where you know you deserve some luxury at the end of the world.

The Best of Chile & Argentina

14 nights, from USD $7,000 to $9,300

Combine cityscapes with wilderness.  Explore a colourful, bohemian port city, hike breathtaking trails to granite peaks, cruise to Cape Horn and dance the tango in Buenos Aires.  This trip is ideal for those looking to explore the best that southern Chile and Argentina have to offer without compromising on comfort.

Ultimate Chile: Deserts, Islands and Antarctica

20 nights, from USD $15,500 to $20,350

Experience the extremes of Chile: the multi-coloured spectacle of the Atacama Desert, the mythical ruins of Easter Island, the mighty granite peaks of Torres del Paine, and the vast glaciers and whales of Antarctica.  This is the ultimate 3-week Chilean holiday experience.

Patagonia: Gateway to Antarctica

18 nights, from USD $8,600 to $14,500

Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego is the departure point for an Antarctic Cruise. This itinerary combines a 10 day Antarctic cruise with two days soaking up the wine and culture of Buenos Aires, a day with an expert bird-watcher in Tierra del Fuego national park. Witness the glaciers, icebergs, penguins and whales of the Antarctic Peninsula then relax in a luxury hotel in the mountains of Tierra del Fuego.

Road Trips and Multi-Activity Adventure

Patagonia isn't just about hiking, and we've helped dozens of people whose adventurous spirit has taken them on extraordinary road trips down the Andes; or kayaking, horseriding and rafting through its valleys. We've handpicked our favourite routes and guides in Chile and Argentina for these three Patagonian adventures.

Pioneers of Patagonia: Southern Highway and Cape Horn

21 nights

Head south through Patagonia in your 4WD vehicle down the infamous Southern Highway, dirt track for nearly 1000km, to the most remote corner of Chile, nestled between the fjords, the Andes and the patagonian Ice CapHike across the border into the FitzRoy National Park on trails visited by few others.  Complete the 3-4 week odyssey with a seven-day sailing adventure to Cape Horn.

Argentina Road Trip

16 nights, from USD $3,900 to $4,450

Argentine Patagonia offers an unparalleled variety of landscapes: Andean peaks, vast lakes, the Atlantic coast (home to killer whales, sea lions and penguins), the Patagonian Steppe (with its canyons, desert and pre-historic cave paintings) and the glaciers of the Patagonian Ice Cap.  Take a 4WD vehicle and see it all in 3 weeks.

Patagonia Adventure: Ride, Hike, Kayak

21 nights, from USD $7,400 to $8,000

Horse ride through deserts, cycle through valleys, hike across mountains, kayak into fjords and ice hike glaciers in this unique 3-week itinerary.  Designed for those who enjoy a challenge and relish some camping in remote areas to be at one with the natural landscape.

Want some beach and jungle time after Patagonia?

Beach Luxury after Patagonian Adventure

14 nights, from USD $5,100 to $6,700

This itinerary offers a luxurious beach finish to any Patagonian adventure, and was designed with the honeymooners in mind.  Head to a jungle lodge in Argentina followed by a beautiful, peaceful coastal village in Brazil.  Be looked after by the locals, eat home grown food and head out into the ocean in a private boat or your own kayak.  End this incredible trip in Rio de Janeiro sipping cocktails on Copacabana beach.

In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin

2 weeks from USD $5,300, 3 weeks from $7,900

December 2014 marked 40 years since the British writer Bruce Chatwin arrived in Argentina to begin the journey which would eventually form the basis of "In Patagonia" - still one of the most seminal (if controversial) books written on the region.

To celebrate this anniversary we've teamed up with Vintage Publishers to give away 5 libraries of Bruce Chatwin's travel writing.

While it is notoriously difficult to follow exactly in the author's footsteps, we've drawn on our specialist knowledge of the region to put together a Chatwin-themed itinerary with which to inspire would-be wanderers.

How to book these trips

If one of these trips sound right for you, get in touch with Sally to find out more. She can give you more details on every part of the itinerary and book it all in one ATOL protected package, including your flights and accommodation.

If you like some parts of an itinerary, but would like to change others, just let us know and we can tailor your trip to fit your needs.

Have your own ideas for your trip? Let us know what you'd like to do.

About these itineraries:

1.  Combine the 'must-see' highlights with unique and authentic travel experiences; every time with local guides and operators from each region.

2.  These ideas are based on the experiences of over a thousand visitors, but they are only ideas.  We're here to help  you put together all the experiences that will make for your perfect holiday. Find out about customising your trip below.

3.  Patagonia has something for everybody.  How do you like to explore new places?  Hiking, road trips, small authentic hotels, cruises, horse riding?

4.  Make the most of every precious day of your holiday.  These itineraries are carefully designed to minimise travel time across this vast region.

5.  Exclusively available through Swoop Patagonia.

Customising your perfect Patagonia Holiday

1.  2 weeks?  3 weeks?  Longer?  How much holiday do you have?  All of the trips can be shortened or extended to fit with your holiday plans.

2.  Mix and match.  If you like the sound of a national park in one itinerary, and a lodge in another, then let us know.  We can design the itinerary to bring it all together into one easy schedule.

3.  Your holiday, your budget.  It's our duty to help you find a way to explore all of Patagonia's wonderful regions within your budget.  We know all the different hotels, transport options and tours / excursions to be able to fit your holiday to your budget and expectations.  Maybe 'rough it' in some places, and treat yourself to something special at the end?

Please note that prices do not include flights.  You can typically budget ?900 for long-haul flights and ?300-?500 for domestic flights.

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