Finding the right small group tour

We have over a thousand different trips in our database each year, following 250 itineraries, from 42 different operators. The majority of them are small group tours (for 2 to 8 people) run by local Chilean and Argentinan operators. Whether you're travelling alone, as a couple or a as a group of 3 or 4 we will help find the best trip for your dates, your chosen destinations and your preferred activities.

Finding the right small group tour in Patagonia for you

Deciding where to go and what to do

You may have a few ideas for places you want to go and what you want to do already. If not we have a few suggestions here for what you might do in Patagonia with 2, 3 or 4 week holiday. Or simply give us a call and tell us about the kind of thing you've done before and what you might be into - we'd be happy to talk through some suggestions. Once that's decided we'll be in a good position to help you shortlist 2 or 3 companies and itineraries that might fit your needs.

Finding the right guide and group

People like to walk at different speeds and focus on different things. So we try to suggest itineraries and trips that fit with their needs. Some of the companies we work might have a leaning towards flora and fauna, other to local history and culture, others to off the beaten track explorations into the mountains. The more we know about you the more we're able to suggest an operator/guide that will suit you.

Reviews from previous customers

Every time a Swoop Patagonia client travels with one of our partners we speak to them afterwards to find out about their trip. Every new operator we bring on board also goes through the same scrutiny. So we're in a position to recommend operators based not just on our experience of their set-up, planning and logistics, but also on the experience of real people who have been on their trips.

Fitting around your dates and availability

Not all of us are completely flexible with our holiday dates so sometimes you might need a trip that starts on a very specific date. Fortunately we have over 1,000 different trips across the region each season, so we should be able to find a departure date to suit you. Just let us know your dates and we'll search through our database for you.

Advice on getting there

A lot of the trips start/end in middle of Patagonia. If you want impartial advice on how to get there and good places to stop-over en route we're here to help.

Bonded global travel company or Local Operator

One of the questions that some clients contend with is whether to go with a big global travel company that has the advantage of being bonded, or whether to support a local operator and help to boost the local economy. We have options for both, but the majority of our clients choose to travel with a local operator - we can help you identify the ones that are reputable, stable and reliable.

Ready to plan your Patagonia adventure?

Our team of experts are ready to help you plan your trip. We specialise in Patagonia Holidays, and have helped all sorts of people arrange their perfect trip in Patagonia.

Whatever your budget, group size, length of stay, preferred activity or appetite for adventure we're here to help you.

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